Happy Thanksgiving


Celebration Decor


Tiffany Funk

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday — partly because I love to cook and feed people, and especially because I like being surrounded by my family. We decided to take advantage of finally being close enough to everyone to host Thanksgiving at our house. Even in the midst of construction.

Yes, the tables, chairs, and linens were all last-minute rentals, and we had to string together a complicated system of computers and monitors in order for everyone to be able to watch the football game, and the un-finished kitchen made cooking a bit of a challenge.

But it was wonderful to have people over to celebrate and get a sense of what our home will feel like once we get finished with all the construction projects. Our galley kitchen was up to the task, and the open floorplan was a joy to entertain in, and getting to use my vintage dishes (thanks mom!) was a treat.

And the cleanup in the kitchen afterwards wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d been expecting.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving!

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